STEW Statement

To our Friends/customers/supporters

At Happenstance Workshop over the past two or more years we have strived to create a closed loop set of products, all from recycled plastic, called STEW. With this project we have experimented with what we think is a solid statement on plastics today. Whilst also acting as a message the pieces we have sold will stand the test of time and serve customers well.

Unfortunately it is our sad news to say that for multiple reasons STEW is coming to an end. Our work will still be online to view and archive but we will halt production in the coming months, finishing projects we have alive with our supporters will still be finished. If there is something you would like to purchase there will be a limited time of availability so please get in touch.

As a result I (Jordan) will be moving on from Happenstance Workshop to pursue other endeavours. Bob will retain the workshop and work on an aspect of the business that is more synonymous to him, and something we have always dealt in: craft, high quality carpentry and all things wood. All of our products have been made from HDPE and are fully recyclable so where we cannot process them anymore a local recycling facility will be able to.

We would like to thank everyone for their support with STEW over the years, be it purchases, coming to do workshops or collaborating with us in more abstract ways. Please keep in touch and keep an eye on the future work coming from Happenstance Workshop.

- Jordan

Happenstance Workshop